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1.During the competition, the competitors’ work methods in the Super Trowel 2024 shall be as close as possible to those in an actual jobsite situation.


2. The bricklayer must lift all his own bricks and trowels of mortar from no more than seven mortar boards and seven stacks of bricks placed as seen fit on the working side of the wall. These stacks of boards must be set out along the length of the wall in usual working fashion by the bricklayer’s hod carrier/ Labourer.


3.The Hod Carrier/Labourer must be provided by the bricklayer. No more than one Hod Carrier/ Labourer will be allowed for each bricklayer.


4. Any assistance from the Hod Carrier/ Labourer or others in placing bricks or tools in the bricklayer’s hand or transferring mortar from the mortar boards to the wall will result in disqualification.


5. The contestant’s Hod Carrier/ Labourer will set up each contestant’s work area utilising seven mortar boards and seven stacks of brick following the configuration of the contest exactly.


6. Contestants can select location, orientation and size of brick stacks and location of mortar boards once the contest starts.


7. The bricklayer is responsible for raising his/ hers own line blocks and lines at each end of the wall; securing line and pins/corner blocks, and for running each course of bricks. The use of metal, timber or other profiles, or prepared staffs, levels marked for heights or stopped ends are to be excluded.


8. Contestants will need to bring their own tools for the competition. This includes all hand tools. Mortar boards and stands will be provided.


9. Supertrowel 2024 will provided by CPI Silo mortar. There will be no requirement for you to mix your own mortar: courtesy of CPI mortar UK.


10. Contestants will be allotted two hours prior to the competition to place the starter courses of block and starter course of brick.


11. Upon completion of the competition, competitors will have a 10minute rest period followed by 20 minutes to finish the entire competition panel. Contestants must make a reasonable attempt to joint both sides and ends of the wall. Competitors will be allowed to use any standard masonry jointing tool to finish the working side of the wall. Mortar joints must be half round / Bucket handle joint finish and the wall must be brushed. Water and any other liquids or cleaning agents are not allowed to be used to finish the wall.


12. Length of the contest will be 60 minutes followed by a 10 minute rest period and 20 minute jointing/ pointing up period.


13. All contestants must be members of the Bricklayers Social Club prior to competing.


  1. Brick will be laid utilising a running ½ bond pattern AKA Stretcher bond with return ends.

  2. The wall will be approximately 215mm wide, constructed 1 brick deep. 

  3. The block starter course will consist of 1 course of 215mm block upright. with a mortar bed achieving 225mm

   4. One of course of (215 x 65 x 102.5 mm) brick will be placed on the starter block as a brick starter course. This         brick will not be counted in the contest. total height 75mm.

   5. Total starting height  block + starter course 300mm

   6. Bricks will weigh no less than 1kg


   7. Length of the wall will be 9 meters laid on 1/2 bond (40 brick long per side), adjustable as needed based on               the length of the brick used for the competition.

   8. Mortar will be cut flush. There is no jointing during the laying portion of the contest. Joints will be finished on             the entire wall (both sides and ends) in the finishing portion of the contest.

   9. Brick must be laid overhand on the back wall.

  10. Mortar will be supplied by CPI - Euromix - UK

  11. The wall must be completed so the final brick skins are parallelly completed courses of each other to be                   counted in the final brick count. Units laid beyond this requirement will not be counted in the final brick                       count. 


 12. Entering your competition work area during judging will result in immediate disqualification.


QUALITY STANDARDS = 5mm tolerance 

The premise of the Super Trowel 2024 is to construct a finished quality wall containing as many units as possible in one hour following the rules set above.

Gauge all brickwork should be laid to gauged increments of 75mm per a course following the sequence of 75,150,225,300,375,450 etc Failure to meet any or all height points within the tolerance laid out in this standard will result in a  20 brick deduction in the final brick count.

Both ends and the face of the wall must be within 5mm or less of being truly vertical. This will be judged using the competitor’s level at 4 plumb points at each end of the wall and one plumb point in the middle of the working side of the wall for a total of 9 plumb points. The level will start at the first brick laid during the competition and the bubble must remain between the lines on the level. A 20-brick deduction in the final brick count will be assessed for each plumb point failing to meet the plumb point tolerance (maximum 180-brick deduction).

The wall will be allowed no more than 10 voids for the entire project. This will be judged using a finger trowel/ Jointer Aka tuck pointer. Upon visual inspection, if there appears to be a void, the judge will attempt to tool the head joint and bed joint. If the void can be reasonably filled, it will not be counted as a void. Exceeding 10 voids will result in a 20-brick deduction in the final brick count.

Bricks in the wall must be laid face side out. Each brick not laid face side out will result in a 50-brick deduction from the final brick count on either side of the wall.

Brick with chips greater in size than 10mm in diameter are not to be used in the competition. Each brick containing a chip greater in diameter will result in a 20-brick deduction from the final brick count

Lipped (Hatching or Grinning) brick in the wall must be less than 5mm. Each brick determined to be lipped greater than 5mm will result in a 100-brick deduction from the final brick count.

Mortar joint thickness tolerance for bed joints is not less than 8-14mm. The working side of the wall and back wall will be judged independent of one another. If there are any bed joints measuring less than 8mm or greater than 14mm, a 25-brick deduction will be assessed to the final brick count for each joint that does not meet this tolerance. Only one deduction can take place in a single joint for the length of the wall on either side. Any penalty will be assessed for each side of the wall separately.

Mortar joint thickness tolerance for perp joints are not less than 8mm or greater than 14mm. If there are any perp joints exceeding 14mm or less than 8mm, a 10-brick deduction in the final brick count will be assessed per occurrence (maximum deduction 250 bricks). Only one deduction can take place at a single perp joint.

Each individual brick on both sides of the wall are to be laid level. Each brick that appears to be out of level or tipped will be judged using a Digital Level (Stabila 196-2 Electronic Spirit Level 183cm) set to the metric reading. The digital level will be lined up with either the top or bottom edge of a brick that appears to be tipped. If the brick is out of level by more than 5mm, the competitor will be assessed a 25-brick deduction for each brick found on either side of the wall and in any course (maximum deduction 250 bricks.)

First, second and third place will be awarded to the Bricklayers who have laid the first, second and third highest brick count in the contest meeting the quality standards and after subtracting any deductions set forth in the Super Trowel 2024 competition rules

Awards Super Trowel 24 Rules:

1. Overall Winner: The overall winner of Super Trowel 24 will be determined based on the most bricks laid with the highest quality. The participant with the highest score will be awarded 1st place and the BT engineering Throphy followed by the 2nd and 3rd place winners.

2. Minimum Brick Requirement: To have their wall judged, participants must lay a minimum of 320 bricks within the designated time frame. Any participant who lays fewer than 320 bricks will be disqualified from the competition.

3.  Most Bricks laid Award | Sponsored by KeyFix: (Gold Trowel) This will be awarded to the participant who lays the most bricks within the 60-minute time limit. The winner will hold the trophy for a period of 12 months or until the next Super Trowel event, whichever comes first. 

4. Best Hod Carrier Award: The Best Hod Carrier Award will be judged based on the cleanliness of the participant's workspace. This includes maintaining a clean work area, keeping the mortar off the floor, organizing brick stacks, minimizing waste brick, and demonstrating a strong work ethic.

Please note that all participants are expected to adhere to these rules and any violation may result in disqualification from the competition. The judges' decisions will be final.

 This is a subjective award and the judge’s decision in determining the winner is final and is not disputable by the competitors or their representatives.

1st place (Quality + Numbers) = £5000 cash + Title UK's Fastest Bricklayer

2nd place (Quality + Numbers) = £2500 cash

3rd place (Quality + Numbers) = £1000 cash

Most Bricks Laid (Numbers Only) = Gold Trowel 

Best Hod Carrier (cleanest work area) = £1000 cash

Life time Achievement Award - 

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