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Are you a passionate bricklayer?


Do you like new tools and equipment?


Do you have over 2000 followers ?

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If all the above sounds like it's a bit of you then read on...


Bricklayers Social Club is non-biased and is here to promote everything great that comes with brickwork.

Your mission if you choose to accept is .....

  • Wear and promote our famous T-shirt (FREE)

  • Play with our sponsor's equipment and tools and provide a review. (I can't guarantee you can keep it.)

In short, wear the bricklayers social club t-shirt and review any of our sponsor's tools, equipment or materials. It's a great opportunity to try new tools, brands and methods of working.

All you need to do is review and share...


The right ambassadors will have a clear and unbiased view of any products we provide.


Clear and clean reviews whether they be write-ups or video reviews.

Desire to help embrace a community of bricklayers and share your thoughts on these new products as well as help grow your own following through Bricklayers Social Club.



For ambassadorship enquiries, please get in touch on the email below or submit a message using the contact form.

Thanks for submitting!

Ambassador Contact Form
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