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Super Trowel 2023

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

**Super Trowel 2023: A Phenomenal Success!**

Super Trowel 2023 was nothing short of a triumph! With competitors showcasing their unparalleled bricklaying skills, it was an event that left everyone in awe. the Final event was an electrifying display of craftsmanship.

A huge thanks to our main sponsors Brick Jackets Ltd,  and with support from industry leaders like Footprint, Altrad Belle, Stabila,  SBtools, G-Deck, Gates Ford, Blakes Building Profiles, BT Engineering tools to name a few added prestige to the event. Their support contributed significantly to the success of Super Trowel 2023. The competition's social media presence exploded, with fans and enthusiasts engaging across all platforms.

We was graced with the support and backing from The Brick Development Association, Mineral Products Association Mortar and Association of Brickwork Contractors Assesment Center.

But it wasn't just about the competition. Super Trowel 2023 fostered a sense of community, where participants, sponsors, and attendees came together to celebrate their shared passion for bricklaying. This year, the bar was set higher than ever before.

As we look back on this exceptional event, we're already gearing up for Super Trowel 2024. Stay tuned for even more excitement, innovation, and incredible talent in the world of bricklaying!

Meet The Team

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