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BSC-Super Trowel

The race is on...

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Calling all skilled bricklayers! Get ready to showcase your expertise and compete in Super Trowel 2024, the ultimate bricklaying competition that's taking the industry by storm. We're thrilled to announce regional heats in both the North and South, offering you a chance to prove your prowess and secure a spot in the grand finale. These regional heats will feature a scaled-down version of the main Super Trowel wall (8990mm) with stringent tolerances of 5mm on gauge, level, and plumb. The top 5 performers from each regional heat will advance to the final showdown. To secure your place in the regional heats, there's an application fee of £80. And if you're successful and move on to the finals, a final payment of £220 completes your entry fee to Super Trowel 2024. Don't miss this opportunity to be part of the bricklaying event of the year – we can't wait to see you there! will you be the one to knock Charlie of the top?

Stage 1: Application Submission (Your here now)


Stage 2: Application Approval (your application will be reviewed within 24hrs)


Stage 3: Update your BSC Membership – Please ensure your membership is current to maintain eligibility. (This is a £25 yearly subscription)


Stage 4: Entry Fee Payment – A fee of £80 is required to secure your spot. Follow this link:



for payment. Deadline: 31th December.


Stage 5: Regional Heat Dates – Scheduled for release in December 2023.


Stage 6: Advancement – The top 10 competitors from the regionals will progress to the final.


Stage 7: Exclusive Tours – Each finalist will enjoy tours to the Footprint Factory, IG Masonry Support Factory, Wienerberger Brick factory tour and a special trip to Germany to visit the Stabila factory. Flights and accommodations are on us!


Stage 8:The Final Countdown – Mark your calendars for the 8th of August 2024, where the Super Trowel Final will take place at the prestigious Marshal Arena.

you will join us on the 7th August 2024 at the Hilton DoubleTree Hotel where contestants will have an opportunity to meet one another. A meeting will take place with the judges who will take you through the final rules. Hotel + Breakfast will be provided the night before (7th) and the day of the event for both you and your Hod carrier. 

Regional Entry Form

*All entrants must be BSC memebers

How many Bricks do you lay a day on average:

All applications will be reviewed and allocated to either a Northern or Southern regional heat. The top 5 from each regional will be placed into the final event date tbc.

The regional heat will be a smaller model of that built at Super Trowel.

You will be marked on gauge level and plumb. 5mm tolerance is allowed and a 5 brick deduction will be made for every 1mm over any tolerance.

Thanks for submitting!

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