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Heres to the first blog post

A blog post for bricklayers social club

I was really honored when Ash rang me to say that he had dedicated a full page of his website to The MYH Podcast and everything we value. We spoke about me writing a blog about what I’ve been up to that week and any challenges or wins I’ve had.

Writing doesn’t come easy to me. I struggle with it. It was one of the main reasons I became a bricklayer. To write a blog is a totally new thing for me!

So where to start? I guess an introduction is in order.

I’m Rob Muldoon. I’m a bricklayer and I live in a small town called Macclesfield. I have been a bricklayer for 20 years now and I have fallen in and out of love with the job. I am currently in the throws of changing my job. At the moment my current roll is a project manager for a big brickwork company based in the northwest of England. I’m married and have 3 boys, 2 dogs and a fish. Oh and a half built house (will fill you in about this, in another blog)

I started THE MYH Podcast in November 2020 and it has been an amazing 10 months so far. My outlook on work life and home life totally changed for me 3 years ago, When Lou (my wife) left me!

I guess I should fill you in with the back story about me and how I got to this point. I had done my current roll for about 6 years, and it can be very stressful at times with sorting labour ordering materials, dealing with clients and the day to day running of big construction sites. I thought I was handling it all but it turns out I really wasn’t. looking back now I can see things I should have picked up on that are real indicators that something wasn’t right. Some indicators were I never really wanted to go home, I would work miles away from home and not stay over not eating not sleeping and not looking after myself. I was in pain all the time because I never did anything about getting it sorted (bad back much better now) as well as the pressure that comes with work. For a long time, I ignored what I was feeling and instead of talking about it chose to bottle it up and bury myself in work. This was ultimately my downfall. I will expand on this in the up and coming blogs.

I came up with the idea of The MYH Podcast to create a platform for people that work within all sector of the construction industry to have the opportunity to listen and gain insight and information from real people that share their story’s about how the construction industry has impacted on their mental well-being. My aim is that The MYH Podcast gives the people that listen to it an understanding that there is help out there, where to get help and how the help can improve their life. I hope the podcast gives people hope and lets them know they are not alone in this and no matter how dark it feels it ALWAYS gets better.

At the moment I am in a very good place with my mental health and well-being and I have now made it my mission with support from BSC and others to help people in the construction industry find and get the help they need.

Hopefully people will enjoy this little blog and please share it with someone you think might need a little bit of support.

Thanks again to Ash and I look forward to documenting my story and what I’m up to with you all.

Speak soon


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